Our team is young but persistent. Created only in 2018, the church choir at the Cathedral of St. Mary the Protectress (800 Burrows Ave, Winnipeg), has about two dozen choir members. Usually, we sing Liturgies (General, Bishop's, Christmas, Easter), as well as Funeral Services, Weddings, Baptisms. But at the same time, in addition to church singing, our group masters other musical genres: spring songs, folk songs, carols, Christmas carols, ancient chants.
    The team is led by Olena and Serhiy Kharchenko, energetic and talented creative personalities. Under their professional guidance, the choir is rapidly and persistently opening new horizons of choral art. From time to time the youth of our town is involved in the team, who is engaged in singing with Olena and Serhiy. Dynamic work and friendly atmosphere of the team always adds strength and desire to attend rehearsals and take part in all its working and festive events. The history of the choir is written every day. Its present and future is in our hands. Everyone who wants to develop their vocal abilities and together create a harmonious atmosphere of choral art is welcome to join!